Thursday, June 2, 2011


Day 1: There are 4 reasons for clearing as indicated in the form: GRADUATING, TRANSFERRING TO ___________, CERIFICATE/TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS AND OTHERS (SPECIFY). Lorelie, the ever-so-sungit staff assigned to Window 1 in the College Secretary Office checked the box of the first reason. My face instantly lit up when she started telling me the things I have to do when clearing even though she is telling it through the most irritating way you could imagine. I am so thrilled at that moment, I have been waiting for so long to do this. =)
My empty clearance form.

I know that I am going to get tired of walking around the campus  getting my clearance signed. Good thing is that I did not do it alone. I was with two beautiful ladies: Tin, my orgmate who is graduating cum laude and Fel, my favorite summer classmate. They're both batch 2007 and got extended for 1 summer only while I, on the other hand, got extended for 2 years. Haha. Fel's boyfriend, Dennis, drove us to Health Service, Copeland Gym and the Library. That was a big help because those places were quite far from the main campus.
Tin, busy writing.
Dennis, Fel's driver and lover. Hahahaha.
In front of our School's Library (L-R: Me, Tin and Fel)

We did not finish our forms that day but at least we are done with the far away places!  Later that afternoon, I met up with my boyfriend. He was also busy that day doing his plan of study.

Hi Baaaaaaabe! <3

That night, Babe and I planned to drink, a beer date just because we deserve to treat ourselves for being so productive that day. We usually do that. We were supposed to drink at Rally Point but we passed by Forum and there were no customers. The owners of Forum were the only people inside so we decided to drink there. Our beer date turned into a small graduation party. Garry and Harl (both our Brods) texted my boyfriend were he was because they were doing nothing but wanted to drink too. I got so envious with Lloyd when they arrived so I invited my boyfriend's batchmates, Camille and Gegel. I had sooooooo much fun that night. It's been a while since I chatted with these girls. Thank you Gegel, you are an angel for bringing a camera! (Warning: photo heavy!)

Babe's redness.
Garry and Harl.
Batchmates: Lloyd, Camille and Gegel.
Camille, Gegel and me.
Why do we have the same reactions in our faces? Haha.
We left the place around 3:30 AM already and we are now friends with the owners. They were very nice to us even though we overstayed at their place. Haha. Thank you Guys. It was nice meeting all of you. So I recommend to every one who is reading this and are students or residents in Los Banos to pass by FORUM because you have to try their subzero beers and flavored chicken wings! Yum!
Garry's closed eyes.
Jah wants to hit us using that thing he is holding because we don't want to leave yet. Haha.
The boys.
Thank you Forum owners. Haha.

We started goofing around outside Forum while the owners were cleaning  inside. We did some jump shots! Haha. Oh yeah, I was drunk. =s
Attempted suicide.
Babe's tummy. Hahaha.

I would like to thank Garry and Harl for being there. Haha. Oh and for taking Gegel home!
I find this photo funny. Why am I so gigil? Hahaha!

Day 2: It was sooooo hard to wake up this morning. I have a very bad hang over. Sucks. I cannot eat  too. After getting a nap until my headache is quite gone, I forced myself to eat and take a bath to go out and finish my clearance before 5:00 PM. Luckily, I did finish it just a few minutes before the office closes! Talk about being a buzzer beater. Babe accompanied me to finish my clearance. Thank you!
That's me when I am "agit".
Bored waiting for Maam Macandog and Maam De Guia.

Over all, I enjoyed my clearance days. I feel so fulfilled when I handed Lorelie my complete clearance form. Now, I will just wait for July 13 to sing "UP Naming Mahal" and that new shitty song called "Sulong CAS" get my clearance copy and then finally, GOOD BYE UPLB!!