Thursday, December 22, 2011


My father works for a casino in Macau. He started working there since 2005. Once or twice a year, he pays us a visit here in the Philippines or if he cannot come home, my mother and my siblings will visit him instead. I am a very spoiled brat to my father and even my youngest sibling gets jealous on me when my father buys me something. Haha. Now, it's not like that anymore, I don't ask my father to buy this and that but he still gives me presents until now. Thank you father dear for my new camera and my new sewing machine! <3 Anyway, we accompanied my father to the airport after two weeks of staying here in the Philippines. It's not a heartbreaking thing for me anymore since we are all used to this situation already. Hihi. We had pizza and pasta at the airport after my father checked in.
Check out my brother's umiilaw na salamin! Hahahahaha!

 My father saying good byes and bilins to my other siblings.

First 3 babies. My brother Einstein is so pogi and my Ate Curie is so pretty. Hihihi. <3
Papsy took this!
Where I got my good genes and looks. Haha. Joke!
Sorry Nikki, Rambo, Inna and Makoy! Hoho.
My father about to leave again.
I will miss my father again but we always keep in touch with each other through Skype and YM. I love you and see you again soon! Maybe on my graduation day? =) Please please come home on April 2012!!

P.S. Just because it's my favorite pair of boots!

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