Tuesday, December 6, 2011


My December started pretty good this year and last December 1, while I was sitting in front of my laptop and browsing through Facebook I remembered that I will be celebrating 3 anniversaries this month! =) Let me enumerate it:
Org batch (In Omnia Paratus) - 6th anniversary on December 10.
Sorority batch (Bellatrix 2007) - 4th anniversary on December 15.
My boyfriend and I - 1st anniversary on December 20.
I find it cool because these anniversaries that I will be celebrating is with people who gave so much meaning to my college life. Hello Batchmates and Boyfriend! <3

Anyway, back to my December 1st, I watched the Car Stuffing activity of my boyfriend's frat. This activity is such a hit to UPLB students and organizations because they'll get to win 20, 000 pesos in cold cash! I watched Car Stuffing with my Sorority sisters, as always. 
My face is round! Boo.

My boyfriend was the one assigned to control the timer. I took a candid shot of my boyfriend while he was sitting in front. He is always handsome when we go out together but he also have his lazy-day-to-make-pa-pogi just like my lazy-day-to-dress-up. Haha. I fell in love with him all over again because of this photo. Hihi. <3
Such a handsome boy. Hihi.
This is our only photo together that night and I look ugly. Hahaha!

Car Stuffing photos!! If I remember it correctly only 4 teams joined this year's Car Stuffing. Justin hosted  the event and Batch 2008 members (Tracy, Potchi, Mark and Edison) of the fraternity played music that night.

And the winner is group VarGenes! Well, two organizations, Varoons and GeneSoc merged to form a team. =)

Jumping for joy!
Hello to my Sorority sisters, Camille, Krisha, Tita Ice, Angel and Batchmate Sandra!

Nico who won the Touch my Car contest. He also said that he follows me in Chictopia. Haha. Thanks Nico.
The girls who won the Balut Shots during the Touch my Car contest.
Representatives of Varoons and GeneSoc.
I am too lazy to blog nowadays. I don't want to write but 2011 is almost over so I have to force myself to update my blog so I have something to look back about this year. Haha. Three more lagged posts!

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